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How do I create a UTM report in Salesforce?
How do I create a UTM report in Salesforce?
Learn how to create the UTM report you need to build a Salesforce Join task
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Before you get started with AdStage Join for Salesforce, you'll need to create a report in Salesforce that includes the CRM data you want to join with your paid marketing data. AdStage will use the contents of this report to complete the Join task you create.

We recommend allowing some time to plan exactly what data you want in these reports, and therefore in your AdStage Join custom conversions. 

How do I set up my report? 

Step 1: Login to and go to Reports.
Step 2: Click "New Report" on the top right-hand side and select the type of report you want to create (ex: Opportunities)
Step 3: Add the columns you would like to use. Mandatory columns for AdStage Join are: 

  • Created date

  • Tracking parameters: UTM Source, UTM Medium, UTM Campaign, UTM Content, and UTM Term (use all that apply)

  • Conversions (ex: Leads, Opportunities, etc)

  • Conversion Value (if applicable)

Step 4 (optional): Filter your report to only show your paid data (ex: UTM Medium equals cpc) 

Step 5: Click Save and name your report in the pop-up modal. You're almost done!
Step 6:
Navigate back to the Reports home screen.
Step 7:
Subscribe to the report by clicking the down arrow in-line with your new report.

Step 8: Select Daily in the Subscribe pop-up modal.
Step 9:
Click Save.

Best Practices and Other Notes

  • If you're not sure of exactly which columns you'll end up actually using in your report, it's a good idea to include more than you think you'll need.

  • Make sure the date range is set to include future leads/opportunities. The default is Current FQ, which works great.

  • If you don't already track UTMs in SFDC, check out this article from GA Connector to learn how.

Once you're report is ready to go, learn more about setting up your Join task:

Have questions about building reports in SFDC for AdStage Join? Reach out to us at

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