What's New in AdStage - December 2018
Introducing AdStage Join! Plus a HubSpot integration, Group By for Report, and formattable emails for sharing dashboards
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There has been so much excitement around AdStage with the recent launch of AdStage Join. In case you missed the initial announcement, check out the latest below. We have also recently released some other in-product features to help you better customize your dashboards. 

AdStage Join, optimize marketing based on actual sales data

With AdStage Join, you can automatically link cross-network paid marketing data to Google Analytics goals and Salesforce sales pipeline data, showing exactly which campaigns, ad groups/sets, and individual ads lead to real revenue. 

Check out our new blog or the Join product page. If you are interested in joining a beta for AdStage Join, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to schedule a setup call or email us at support@adstage.io. 

HubSpot integration

Show a more complete marketing picture by adding HubSpot data for inbound marketing efforts directly to AdStage dashboards. Connect to your HubSpot account on the Accounts page, then check out the HubSpot widgets on the bottom of the Side Pane in Report. 

“Group By” in Report widgets

Roll-up ad performance data to a common attribute. Use Group By to conduct analysis and trend spotting at a metadata level, or to use more detailed filtering and grouping options. Some common examples include: 

  • See how ads with the same name are performing across ad sets

  • See how ads of various types perform against each other (e.g. shopping ads vs expanded text ads vs display ads)

  • See how images are performing across campaigns

Contact your Customer Success Manager for more details and to activate Group By for your account. 

Format your email when you share a report

Use more effective messaging when you share reports with team members or clients. You can now use markdown to format the email body, adding insights in paragraph or bullets, as well as change text to bold or italics (among other things). Use our Markdown Guide to add formatting.  

Stay in the Loop

Keep an eye out for Product Updates when you login to AdStage. Simply click the hotspot on the bell icon to see what’s new and visit our Product Updates page in the Help Center. 

Have questions or feedback about the newest features? We always love hearing from you! Drop us a line at support@adstage.io.

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