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Navigating Join logs
Navigating Join logs
Join task logs
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Once you build a new Join task, it will take some time for it to complete its first run. The activity log, in line with each join task, is a great place to check up on your Join task's status. 

Join task statuses

There are 3 states a Join task can be in at any given time:

  • Scheduled - The task has not yet run, or it is not yet time for its next scheduled run

  • Running: Extracting URLs - The task is preparing to join data

  • Running: Joining Data - The task is currently joining data

To view the full log for each task, click the underlined text in the Last Run (Log) column.

When you click into the log for your Join task, you will be able to:

  1. See the start and end times for each run of the task

  2. The number of successful joins for each run

  3. The number of failed joins for each run

  4. Any errors that we hit while joining your data

  5. Download the log as a CSV file

  6. Edit your Join task

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