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A new widget to show the progression of data through a process
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Introducing the Funnel widget....

A new AdStage cross- and direct network widget that shows the progression of data as it moves from one phase to the next in a process. 

What are some common ways to use the Funnel widget?

Find leaks in a process: clearly see how leads move through the marketing and sales process and identify where percentages are low or don’t meet goals.

Optimize ads for down funnel conversions: create a funnel widget for entities at any level - network, campaign, ad set, ad, or keyword - and track progress to final conversion, then take action to increase or decrease spend for that entity.

Some suggested funnels:

  • Paid ad performance: impressions → clicks → conversions

  • Sales funnel progress: MQLs → SQLs → opportunities → sales

  • Website trends: homepage views → pricing views → demo requests → sales

  • Video views: 25% → 50% → 75% → 100%

Add an Funnel to your dashboard

To add a Funnel, choose it from the Widget Menu and select your options. The percentage of the metric that is retained from stage to stage is shown to the right of each bar. 

Have questions about getting started with the Funnel widget? Feel free to reach out to us at

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