What's New in AdStage - October 2018
Three new widgets, close/open Side Pane, Custom Conversion aggregation, and reporting in Slack.
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Our team had a busy summer! Here are some of the exciting new features we released to enhance your AdStage experience. 

Ad Creative Widget

Save hours on creative reporting by automatically displaying ads exactly as they appear on  Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Read the blog on Ad Creative for use cases or visit this support article for more details and step-by-step instructions. 

Area Chart Widget

Visually analyze your data by conducting part-to-whole analysis over time with three new kinds of stacked area charts. 

Check out this support article for examples of all three types of area charts, plus tips when to use (or not to use) this widget. 

Funnel Widget

Show the progression of data as it moves from one phase to the next in a process. Use this new widget to find leaks in your marketing funnel or show website trends. 

See more use cases and detailed instructions in this support article

Close / Open Side Pane

Get a wider view of your dashboard by hiding the Side Pane in Report. Simply click the arrow to close it, then reopen it to add or edit any widgets. This allows more data in one view, minimizes the scrolling needing across wider tables, and gives more space to complicated line and bar charts for easier analysis. 

Custom Conversion Aggregation

Many users upload conversion data (like MQLs, app installs, or revenue) to AdStage via a spreadsheet as part of the Custom Conversions feature. With the new update, you can now select “Aggregate Conversions” to upload your data once and roll the conversions up to the higher entity levels. 

For example, if you upload ad-level conversions, they will also be aggregated and displayed at the ad group/set, campaign, account, folder, and network level. This allows you to import conversions at a single level of granularity and then report at multiple levels. 

Learn more about Custom Conversions, use cases, and best practices.

ICYMI: AskAdStage (FREE Slack application)

Easily share paid marketing data with your entire team using the AdStage Slack application. With AskAdStage, users simply ask an ad performance question in any Slack channel and get an immediate answer in the form of a chart or list. Data is reported in real-time, and you can even take action directly from Slack.

Learn all about AskAdStage, including setup, best practices, and common questions you can ask. 

Stay in the Loop 

Keep an eye out for Product Updates when you login to AdStage. Simply click the hotspot on the bell icon to see what’s new and visit our Product Updates page in the Help Center. 

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