The Ad Creative widget is an AdStage cross-network widget that shows actual ad visuals just as they appear to your audience in the native network, along with selected ad-level metrics. You can choose specific ads to display or let Report determine the ads based on specific criteria like “Top 2 ads based on Conversion Rate.” 

What are some common ways to use the Ad Creative widget?

Show what converts: Display your top performing ads to show your clients or team members what copy and imagery results in the most conversions. 

Analyze campaigns: Review both high and low performing ad to discover any patterns in the visuals that might contribute to performance. 

Show value to clients: Demonstrate your creative and relevant ads, along with the performance of each. 

Add an Ad Creative widget to your dashboard: 

To add Ad Creative, select it from the Widget Menu and choose your options and criteria. You can display up to 6 ads per widget.

Have questions about getting started with the Ad Creative widget? Feel free to reach out to us at

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