The Ad Creative widget is an AdStage cross-network widget that shows actual ad visuals just as they appear to your audience in the native network, along with selected ad-level metrics. You can choose specific ads to display or let Report determine the ads based on specific criteria like “Top 2 ads based on Conversion Rate.” 

How does it work?

Just add the Ad Creative widget to any current or new dashboard in which you want to show the your ad visuals. Report will automatically order and show your ads and selected metrics, based on the criteria you enter. 

What are some common ways to use the Ad Creative widget?

Show what converts: Display your top performing ads to show your clients or team members what copy and imagery results in the most conversions. 

Analyze campaigns: Review both high and low performing ad to discover any patterns in the visuals that might contribute to performance. 

Show value to clients: Demonstrate your creative and relevant ads, along with the performance of each. 

How do I set up an Ad Creative widget?

Step 1: Click the Ad Creative widget on the Side Pane to open the edit widget menu

Step 2: Title your widget

Step 3: Select the entities you want to include

  • Choose a level of granularity from the “Select Ads From the Following” dropdown

  • Choose the specific networks, accounts, campaigns, etc. from which you want to view ads

Step 4: Choose the KPI(s) you want to include from the "Fields" section

Step 5: Select a date range

Step 6: Customize your data view with the following additional options below the date range selector:

  • Sort by a certain metric

  • Count: increase or decrease the number of ads in your table (up to 6)

  • Order your data

  • Filter by status (active, all, etc.) 

  • Select a display style (visuals only, metrics, ad name, etc.)

  • Customize the width of your widget

Step 7: Add filters on the next tab as needed 


Why do I get an error message that an ad type is not supported? 

Many times the ad types we support is dependent on the settings of the particular network. We're always looking to add ad types, please reach out to the support team about which ad type you'd like to be added next.

For more information on what ad types are currently supported and how to exclude those that are not from your dashboards, please visit this support article

Have questions about getting started with the Ad Creative widget? Feel free to reach out to us at

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