PDFs can be a bit tricky. With today's modern world most things are meant to scroll and scale up and down (just like AdStage's web view). PDFs are a bit limiting here. There are a few ways to format your dashboard to improve PDF performance:

  1. Limit the amount of fields in table widgets to the ones you absolutely need. If you're having problem including all of your table columns in PDF format, consider skipping ones that you may not need like 'network' or 'account name'.

  2. Try rearranging your section headers and ad creatives. These two widgets can cause some alignment issues in PDF in some cases. If your PDF isn't looking beautiful, try rearranging these widgets with your other widget types and check out the new formatting.

  3. Tell your clients or teammates (or self 😬) to stop living in the dark ages and move to the web view or live view! More on sharing options here.

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