'Folders' is our campaign level organizational tool. This is a great way to group campaigns (cross-network) into one organized grouping. When you use Folders in Report, you can bring one, or more, folders into any widget.

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Designed for: All advertisers working with multiple campaigns.

Benefits:  Easily keep your data organized in similar themed views. Group by marketing objective to align cross-network campaigns fighting for the same goal.

How to use Folders in Report:

Step 1: Start a new widget or edit a current widget.

Step 2: Set the Entity Level to Folders.

Step 3: A new field will populate below. Select one or multiple Folders.

Notes & Tips:

  • You can also select Folders as your default data source when creating or editing a Dashboard

  • Per Widget - Make sure to add the correct Field to your widget. For Folders, you want to make sure that you have Campaign Name in your field. (green arrow)

  • Folders function at the campaign level, where campaigns will be aggregated together in a single group. Thus, Report uses the campaign entity level when Folders are selected.

  • You can include more than one Folder in a widget.

  • You can only see Folders that you have created. Folders are not shared with your teammates. 

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