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Refreshing your Report dashboard
Refreshing your Report dashboard
Report Data Refresh
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You can update data in a dashboard at any time by clicking 'Refresh' in the upper right-hand corner of a dashboard. This will update to the newest performance data imported by AdStage from the native networks. AdStage imports fresh data from the native networks every 2-6 hours, depending if you are a paying or trialing user (more here). This means, if there is new data in AdStage platform, you can refresh Report dashboards with updated data. 

In terms of syncing for web dashboards, a web view is a snapshot in time. The widgets and data on a specific shareable link will never change. If you want updated data, feel free to refresh the dashboard and click Web View again. If you want updated web dashboards frequently, we suggest scheduling a report in web dashboard form. 


When any type of report is scheduled (csv, web dashboard, pdf), the data will update to AdStage's freshest data before the reports are sent out.

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