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How do I set up my campaigns to automatically Edit Budgets based on performance?
How do I set up my campaigns to automatically Edit Budgets based on performance?
Use Automate to automatically edit budgets
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Rules are a great way to optimize your campaigns across networks. In this article, we'll cover how to set up Rules at the account level to edit budgets (increase & decrease) based on performance metrics.

How do I create a budget-based Rule?

Step 1: If you're in, go to the Automate tab and select Rules.

Step 2: Click Create Rule.

Step 3: Select the Campaigns level.*

Step 4: Select the Networks, Accounts, and Campaigns you wish this rule to apply to.

Step 5: Using conditional IF logic, enter the conditions or metrics that you'd like to monitor. 

  • Example: IF Conversion rate > 5%

Step 6: Select Increase/Decrease Campaign Budget and enter the amount.

Step 7: Schedule when you want Automate to check to see if the conditions are met.

Step 8: Select whether you wish the rule to be emailed to you, applied, or only emailed if there are errors. (Learn more about task notifications - here)

Step 9: Click Preview. If this is the rule you wish to implement, click Launch.

*Note: If you want to adjust Facebook budgets you need to select the Ad Set level in step 3.

Example:  Below is a cross-network rule to increase bids for well-performing campaigns with a conversion rate > 5%. Campaign budgets will then be increased by 10% with a max budget of $10k, once a week Sunday midnight PST.    

Best Practices & Other Notes

  • Automate adjusts the type of budget you set up when creating the campaign. If you are using a daily budget Automate will adjust the daily budget. In the same vein, if you are using a lifetime budget Automate will adjust the lifetime budget. If you are using both a daily and lifetime budget, Automate will use the daily budget.

Need some help getting started? Use one of our Rule Templates. Tried and proven by existing users.

Have questions about setting up budget-based Rules? Feel free to reach out to us at

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