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What is an account level Rule?
What is an account level Rule?
Automate account level Rule
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Account Level Rules are account-based triggers that can be applied to all (or select amount) of campaigns.

Available Automations:

 Pause/Enable, Adjust Bid or Adjust budget.

Automations by Network:

Adwords - Pause/Enable & Adjust Budget

Bing- Pause/Enable & Adjust Budget

Facebook - Pause/Enable

LinkedIn - Pause/Enable, Adjust Bids & Adjust Budget

Twitter - Pause/Enable & Adjust Budget



Facebook Budget: $5500/month

This Facebook Account level Rule will automatically pause all campaigns in the selected Facebook account when you breach a total of $5000 for the month. By selecting "Run & Email Results" in the final step, you will receive an email once this rule has run, and you will know exactly when AdStage has paused your campaigns.

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