What are Bulk Actions?
Automate Bulk Actions
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Bulk actions are a task type in Automate that make sweeping optimizations across campaigns, ad groups / ad sets, ads, and keywords. Bulk actions will remain saved in your action list and can be ran as many times as you’d like.

Optimization options include:

  • Enable Campaigns, Ad Groups / Ad Sets, Ads, Keywords

  • Pause Campaigns, Ad Groups / Ad Sets, Ads, Keywords

  • Increase Budgets of Campaigns, Ad Groups / Ad Sets

  • Decrease Budgets of Campaign, Ad Group / Ad Sets

  • Increase Bids of Campaign, Ad Group / Ad Set, Keywords

  • Decrease Bids of Campaign, Ad Groups / Ad Sets, Keywords

Please note there is no scheduling involved with bulk actions. If you wish to schedule recurring bulk actions you can create Rules or Schedules to accomplish this.

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