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How do I set up a performance Alert?
How do I set up a performance Alert?
Setting up a performance Alert in Automate
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Performance Alerts are an Automate Task Type that will help you avoid PPC account surprises with performance-based email alerts that fire based on your most valuable KPIs.

How does it work?

Getting started is simple. Set up an email alert to notify you of any drastic changes to your account, campaigns, ad groups, ads, or keywords by clicking into Alerts from Automate and choosing your KPI's and criteria. You can create an Alert from scratch, or use one of our Alert templates for inspiration.

How do I set up a campaign-level Alert?

Step 1: Log in to AdStage, go to the Automate tab on the left-hand side and select Alerts.

Step 2: Click Create Alert.

Step 3: In the first panel select the entity you'd like to monitor. (ex: Campaigns)

Step 4: Select the specific Networks and Accounts you'd like to receive alerts about. (ex: cross-network)

Step 5: Select the conditions or metrics you'd like to monitor. (ex: cost per conversion is greater than $50, last 7 days)

Step 6: Schedule when you'd like Automate to check to see if the conditions are met. (ex: every day at 9am PST)

Step 7: Choose the recipients who will be notified with this alert.

Step 8: Preview the alert. If this is the alert you wish to implement, click Launch.

Best Practices & Other Notes

Take some of the busywork out of your day by converting your Alerts into Rules by selecting the finished Alert and clicking "Covert to Rule" in the edit bar.

Have questions about getting started with Alerts? Feel free to reach out to us at

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