The Ad Creative widget is an AdStage cross-network widget that shows actual ad visuals just as they appear to your audience in the native network, along with selected ad-level metrics.

Many times the ad types we support is dependent on the settings of the particular network. We're always looking to add ad types, please reach out to the support team about which ad type you'd like to be added next.

Which ad types aren't supported today?


  • Responsive Search Ads (ResponsiveSearchAd)

  • Template Ads - gmail/html5 etc (TemplateAd) 

  • Responsive Display Ads (ResponsiveDisplayAd)

  • Product Ads (ProductAd)

  • Display Ads (HTML5)


  • Direct Ads (DirectAd)

  • Sponsored Video (Sponsored_Video)

  • Sponsored Update Carousel (Sponsored_Update_Carousel)

How do I filter out ad types that aren't supported?

Step 1: Jump into the Filter tab.

Step 2: Update 'Filter by Name, ID, or Objective' to Ad Type does not contain DynamicSearchAd, or whatever ad type error you are seeing in the existing widget.

Step 3: Save the widget.

Have questions about setting up Ad Creative? Feel free to reach out to us at

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