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Quick Start Guide - Step 5: Automating your tasks
Quick Start Guide - Step 5: Automating your tasks
Step 5 - Learn how to optimize your ad accounts with a suite of automation tools
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Introduction to Automate

Automate is designed to shorten the time you spend making campaign optimizations. With Automate you can get alerts, change budgets, pause or start ads, rotate ads, and more. These tasks can be scheduled at specific times or triggered by performance.

There are 6 types of automation tasks: Alerts, Bulk Actions, Flighting, Rotations, Rules, and Scheduling

To get started, we will create an Alert. This will allow you to get more comfortable with creating Automate tasks without altering any of your live campaigns. 

Creating an Alert

Alerts are performance-based tasks that will send you an email when KPIs have been met or exceeded your desired value. 

You can run Alerts to look at account, campaign, ad set/group, ads, and keyword level metrics. We look at each entity independently. (For example, if 5 ad groups are selected, and 1 ad group meets the performance threshold set, the Alert will trigger an email for that ad group.)

To create an Alert, click Automate on the left hand side of your screen, then Alert in the header, and finally the green Create Alert button. 

 Set up the Alert:

Step 1: Select a Level entity
        - Account, Campaign, Ad Group/Set, Ads, Keywords
Step 2: Select a Network(s)
        - Dive deeper into a entity level (e.g. select campaigns)
Step 3: Alert when (IF)
        - Select KPIs/parameters to meet (e.g. Spend > 1000)
Step 4: Schedule your task
Step 5: Name the Alert & add emails recipients
Step 6: Launch (or Preview)

Example: Alert me when my new campaign reaches 1,000 clicks


Rules and other Automate Tasks

You can also convert this Alert into a Rule. Rules are performance-based tasks that make predefined changes (pause/play ads, increase/decrease bid or budget) to your advertising when KPIs have been met or exceeded your desired value. 

Learn how to create a Rule or use any of the other tasks in the Automate Playbook (coming soon). 

Automate Templates

Just like in Report, there are also predefined templates in Automate. These are popular tasks that have proven to be effective and can be set up with just one click. Use one of these to get started quickly, then edit as necessary. Each can be configured to match your specific use case. 

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