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What are the best ways to use IF conditions in Scheduling?
What are the best ways to use IF conditions in Scheduling?
Only make changes on entities that fit your criteria with IF statements in Scheduling
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Many marketers use Scheduling in Automate to daypart or make changes to their bids or budgets based on a schedule. For example,  "Increase bid by 10% Monday - Thursday 5am to 10pm". There may be times marketers want to filter the entities (campaigns, ads, etc) based on performance or naming convention - that's when using IF statements in Scheduling comes in handy. 

We noticed marketers were using two Rules to mimic the functionality of Scheduling with filters. We added the IF statement to cut your work in half and leave scheduling where it should be, in Scheduling.

What are some common uses for IF statements in Scheduling?

  1. Filter by Naming Convention: Do you create new ad sets frequently and would rather not manually add them by hand to your Schedule? Use the IF statement "Ad Set Name contains X" so Automate always grabs your new ad sets that fit the naming convention. Naming convention filters are available on every entity level.

  2. Filter by Performance: Often you only want to make changes to campaigns if certain criteria are being met. For example, you might want to increase budget over the weekend if the CPA was great during the week. Use CPA < $25 & CPA > $0, then Increase budget 20% Fri-Sun.

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