What's New in AdStage: May 2018 ๐ŸŒผ
Flexible date ranges, Scheduling improvement, XLSX download, and more
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Welcome to the May edition of What's New in AdStage!

This spring has been a busy one, and we're excited to show off our latest releases. ย 

Endless date range options in Report with Flexible Date Range

Every week we get a new request, "Can you add this date range to Report?" We're happy to report the answer is now: "Yes!"

We've released two new options to open up the door to a multitude of combinations of date ranges.

First is Flexible Date Range (last X days/weeks/months). Use this option to look at the the most recently completed week/month, etc.ย 

If you are looking to include the current week/month, etc., then use Flexible Date Range (current X days/weeks/months).

'IF' criteria in Automate Scheduling

The number one request from our Automate power users has been to include the 'IF' statement found in many of the other tasks in Scheduling.ย 

The top use case we've heard is filtering based off of naming convention. Now you can create a Schedule that looks at all ad sets, but filters based on ad set name contains X. Huge time saver for those who selected each campaign manually, or add new campaigns daily.ย 

Say hello to the latest Report Field: Objective

Looking to include the campaign objective type in your Report dashboard? Better yet, want to filter certain objectives out? Now you can with the Objective field, available for every entity level for Facebook and Twitter.

New Export Options: Excel (XLSX)

CSV not your jam? Now download any Report table widget in XLSX. Simply click the download button and select from our two options, XLSX or CSV.

New Look for Report Templates

We felt the pain of our users getting lost in a sea of templates, and went to work cleaning it up. We updated the view for easier discoverability; now you can easily eyeball which templates are cross-network or single network, as well as catch the date range in a quick glimpse.ย 

Wrapping Up

Have questions or feedback about the newest features? We always love hearing from you! Drop us a line at support@adstage.io.

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