What's New in AdStage: April
Facebook Attribution Matching, Resizable Summary Widgets, & New Data Management Icon (Accounts page moved!)
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Welcome to the April edition of What's New in AdStage

April showers bring May flowers, and we're making it rain! 

Facebook Attribution Matching

We've updated how we pull in and store Facebook conversion data. Instead of defaulting to the original 'Attribution Window' set up in Facebook's UI, we now have the ability to mirror your attribution if it's ever changed natively. 

If you decide to you'd like to report on a different Facebook Attribution Window, reach out to support@adstage.io and let us know which accounts you need updated and we'll trigger a historical import for you so things stay consistent. 

Resizable Summary Widgets

Reports just got prettier and more customizable. Summary Widgets used to come one size only, well not any more friends! We've added smart sizing to the widgets so you can resize them and the summary boxes will change with the new size to stay pretty. 

The Accounts page has a new home

We've added a new icon to the beloved side navigation. It's called 'Data Management,' and will make way for many exciting new things to come! For now, we've added the Integration page to that section, since that's where you manage most of your data today. Also, for those that have early access, you'll find our 2 new Beta products there: Custom Conversions and Calculated Metrics. 

There is still time to get early access to these 2 new products, so let us know if you want to give them a try! 

Wrapping Up

Have questions or feedback about the newest features? We always love hearing from you! Drop us a line at support@adstage.io.

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