Congrats! You have Facebook custom conversions. But how can you add them to your Report dashboard? We'll take you through the step-by-step process.

Note: Facebook custom conversions are only available when you have created them. They can be created natively in Facebook. We'll bring them into AdStage automatically, via regular syncs. ( Don't forget to jot down their names)*

Adding Facebook Custom Conversions:

Step 1: Open your report dashboard
Step 2: Select a widget and click the pencil icon to edit the widget

Step 3: Under networks, make sure you have selected Facebook. 

  • Note - Having other networks selected could limit your metric choices. To ensure that your custom conversion appears, select Facebook only.

Step 4: Under "Fields", scroll towards the bottom. There you will find your custom metric.* Select your metric and hit Save.

Important: February 15, 2017: Facebook's old conversion tracking pixel will be disabled. At this time, the conversion tracking pixel will be disabled and removed from our advertising tools. Results from campaigns that used the conversion tracking pixel will still be viewable in your reports.

Learn more about transitioning from Facebook's old conversion tracking pixel

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