{Disclaimer: Don't see any data? - Today this is a feature flagged feature. This means we'll need to give you access to this feature and then run historical imports to get past Youtube data. Feel free to contact support@adstage.io }

After connecting your AdWords account into AdStage, you can find your YouTube data in AdStage Report. Your data can be visualized in our cross-network widget.

Here you can view your YouTube performance data in various widgets, from the Account to ads (video) levels. 

Common uses:

  1. Cross-Network Comparisons - Including/comparing your Youtube data against other networks or similar ad types
  2. Analyzing Youtube Performance - From the account to the video level, get as high level or granular in analyzing your overall performance
  3. Ad Creative Widget - Bubble to the surface the best videos in your accounts with metrics and video previews paired together. Conversely, use the "ascending" order sort, to find those videos that aren't performing to your liking.

How to setup your Youtube widget:

  1. Select any cross-network widget
  2. Navigate to the Filter tabs
  3. Filter by 'campaign type'
  4. Select Video (Google Ads)

Best Practices & Additional Notes:

  1.  Have questions about finding your YouTube data in AdStage? - Reach out to us at support@adstage.io.
  2. Alternatively, find your video data in Direct Widgets - Learn How to Create a Video Performance Report - click this link for step-by-step instructions to build a Video Performance Report

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