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Where can I find my AdStage entity IDs?
Where can I find my AdStage entity IDs?
Entity IDs for API calls and Google Sheets formulas
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There are quite a few places to find your entity IDs based on what products you are subscribed to. In this article we'll cover finding your entity IDs in Report, Manage, the accounts page, and through AdStage for Google Sheets.

Find entity ID's in AdStage Report:

We've made your entity IDs easy to locate in Report. Simply create a cross-network table widget and include "AdStage Entity ID" in your fields:

If you'd like to locate the folder ID for a campaign or group of campaigns, include "Folder ID" in the table's fields:

Find folder entity ID's in AdStage Manage:

Entity IDs can also be found in the URL bar of any account, campaign, ad group, etc. in AdStage Manage:

Find account group entity ID's in the Accounts page:

To find Account Group entity IDs, select the account group then add the numbers in the URL to this string: /network/adstage/account_group/

Find entity ID's in AdStage for Google Sheets: 

To find your entity IDs through the Google Sheets add-on use a formula that calls for the KPI "entity ID". Here's an example formula:

=accounts("last 7 days", {"name", "entity id"})

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