What's New in AdStage: October 🎉
Yahoo Gemini, White-labeling, and Improvements to Report and Automate.
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Welcome to the October edition of What’s New in AdStage!

We’ve had a busy summer and wanted to share a selection of the latest changes. 


See Yahoo Gemini Data Alongside Other Networks

Advertising on Yahoo Gemini?  Now you can include Gemini data in your dashboards and scheduled reports. 

To use the Gemini Widgets, first connect your Gemini account. Then head over to Report and add some Gemini widgets.  

Want to learn more? Read our Gemini FAQ here.

Search Your Report History

Looking for a specific report you sent a client or coworker? We added a search box to the Report History section. 

Choose Which Metric Will Be a Line or Bar

It used to be difficult to tell which metric would end up as a line or bar in a chart.  We split the selection into two fields to make it clear. 

See Your Filter Counts at a Glance

We’ve added the filter count to the filter tab. Now you can tell how many filters you have applied to your widget without having to switch over to the filter tab. 

Add your Business Name to Dashboard URLs and Sender Email

AdStage will automatically add your company name to your web dashboard URLs so any web dashboards you share will have your company name, not AdStage, in the URL. You can also customize the sender email for any scheduled reports. 

Learn more about white-labeling your dashboards and reports here.


Quickly Choose the Right Campaigns, Ad Groups or Ads

Selecting multiple campaigns, ad groups, and ads one-by-one was quite cumbersome. Two new features have sped the process up. Now you can load more results into the list and use “select all” to select them all. 

Wrapping Up

Have questions or feedback about the newest features? We always love hearing from you! Drop us a line at support@adstage.io.

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