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Slice Your Data In More Ways With Google Ads Widgets
Slice Your Data In More Ways With Google Ads Widgets
Unlock deeper Google Ads views and metrics by choosing from the new direct reporting table, summary, bar, line, pie, or progress charts
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Use Google Ads Direct reporting widgets for:

I.   Real-Time Metrics at Your Fingertips

AdStage already refreshes your data every 2 - 4 hours; however, there are times you want to analyze same-day data into your performance dashboards.

With Direct Widgets, you can analyze and report on metrics from your desired ad accounts in real time.

II.   More Report Types to Choose From

Google Ads Direct Widgets allow for two new reporting types.

  • Search Query Performance Report: understand the search queries that are triggering your text ads to show on Google. Learn how to create a Search Query Report.

  • Video Performance Report: evaluate the engagement and performance of your video campaigns. Learn how to create a Video Performance Report.

III.  Dissecting Campaign Performance Deeper With Dimension Filters

Choose from dimensions such as:

  • Network (with Search Partners or without)

  • Device

  • Click type

  • Day

  • Day of the Week

  • Hour

  • Device

Getting Started with Google Ads Direct Widgets

Select from any of the new Google Ads Direct widgets on the right-hand menu selector when creating or refining a report dashboard.

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