What's New in Report: January
Launching Compare Two Metrics on Line/Bar Charts, Custom Conversion Metrics, and Facebook Custom Conversions
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We’re ringing in the new year in a big way. The first release of the year has been a big one! 

You can now upload your Custom Conversions, compare multiple metrics in a chart, and have more control over what data appears in your report widgets. 

New Features

Compare Two Metrics on Any Line or Bar Chart 

Perfect your reporting views by comparing any two metrics in a line or bar chart. For example, if you want to gauge a campaign’s effectiveness, choose the number of impressions and compare it to the number of clicks.

  1. Select a line or bar chart widget 

  2. In the 'Fields' drop-down menu, choose the two metrics you wish to compare

Note: On your line/bar graph the first metric will appear on the left axis and the second on the right. Also, if you’re building a line chart, the first metric will be a line and the second metric will be the bar.

Send Your Custom Conversion Data to the AdStage Universal API

We know that today, many companies download their paid ad performance data (often from AdStage) and then export their conversions from Salesforce, GA, or an in-house tool. They then use a VLOOKUP, or something similar, to match the conversions with the campaigns and then create meh-looking reports in Excel. We are on the path to automating that process. 

Our first step in automating this is to enable you to view Custom Conversion data alongside your performance data in your dashboards and reports. To do so, you must be able to send your conversion data to our Universal Data API. Once your conversion data is being sent to AdStage your data will appear as available table columns and chart metrics.

For more info on how to set up this integration please contact your customer success manager for API documentation. 

Facebook Custom Conversions Now Supported in Report

If you use Facebook Custom Conversions you’ll be happy to know that you can now add them to your Report widgets. 

Each Facebook Custom Conversion has the Custom Conversion Count, Value, Cost per Custom Conversions, Custom Conversion Rate and Custom Conversion Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). 

Note: We have included '(FB Custom Conversion)' next to your conversion metric(s), so you can quickly find and select the desired Facebook custom conversions. 

Choose Multiple Campaigns in Any Widget

In the past, some widgets only allowed you to select a single account, campaign, or ad group, or. Now all widgets allow you to choose one or multiple items from a drop down. 

Other Enhancements

✅  Filtering Now Available on All Widgets

✅  Network is an Available Filter

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