What's New in Automate: January
Fresh Ad Creative on Auto-Pilot, Simple Campaign Scheduling, "Unpromote" or Pause Twitter Ads, and More
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We’re very excited to announce the newest Automate feature, Rotations [Alpha]! This is the first of three features that we will be bundled in the Ad Testing Suite: Rotations, Ad Testing (multivariate testing), and Flighting.  

We also shipped easier weekday/weekend scheduling, more lookback data flexibility,  “Unpromote” (pause) Tweets, and a few design enhancements.


Fight Ad Fatigue with Automate Rotations [Alpha]!

Use Rotations to schedule when to show sets of campaigns, ad sets / ad groups, or ads based on a time duration or performance metric. Once your sequence completes or starts a "rotation", you’ll get an email notification sent straight to your inbox.

For example: cycle through new groups of Facebook ad creative every two weeks to alleviate your target audience from seeing too many impressions of the same ad creative.

Easily Schedule Campaigns to Show During Peak Hours

Now you can easily choose ‘Weekdays Only (Mon - Fri)’, ‘Weekends Only (Sat - Sun)’, or Everyday when creating a schedule for campaigns and ad creative. Or quickly set up day parting by hour, so you only show campaigns during peak performance hours during a given day.  

"Unpromote" or Pause Twitter Ads

To better accommodate our Twitter advertisers, we now offer a way to pause or “unpromote” poor performing ads based on the metrics you care about. 

How to “unpromote” your Twitter ads:

  1. Select the Ad Level 

  2. Select Twitter Network

  3. Set your IF condition. 

  4. This is where you select the performance threshold that will pause your Twitter ads.  

  5. Select ‘Unpromote’ as your THEN condition

Note: After a Promoted Tweet is paused, all account data is stored in AdStage including: ad, ad group, and campaign. On the Twitter ad network side, you shouldn’t see any Tweet/Ad level metrics. 

More Historical Performance Data 

Some of our most active customers have requested the ability to quickly apply more flexible date range options to analyze and optimize their account, campaigns, and ads automatically.

You asked, we listened! 

Now from the IF condition date selector in any of the Automate Task Types, you can choose from 6 additional lookback windows.


✅  Resolved campaign budget error in Bulk Action Facebook Campaign Budget 'Recommended Task'

✅  Close or edit any Automate Task Type directly from the Action Log

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