Rules are a great way to optimize your campaigns across networks. In this article, we'll cover how to set up Rules at the account level to edit budgets (increase & decrease) based on performance metrics.

How do I create a budget-based Rule?

Step 1: If you're in, go to the Automate tab and select Rules.

Step 2: Click Create Rule.

Step 3: Select the Campaigns level.*

Step 4: Select the Networks, Accounts, and Campaigns you wish this rule to apply to.

Step 5: Using conditional IF logic, enter the conditions or metrics that you'd like to monitor. 

  • Example: IF Conversion rate > 5%

Step 6: Select Increase/Decrease Campaign Budget and enter the amount.

Step 7: Schedule when you want Automate to check to see if the conditions are met.

Step 8: Select whether you wish the rule to be emailed to you, applied, or only emailed if there are errors. (Learn more about task notifications - here)

Step 9: Click Preview. If this is the rule you wish to implement, click Launch.

*Note: If you want to adjust Facebook budgets you need to select the Ad Set level in step 3.

Example:  Below is a cross-network rule to increase bids for well-performing campaigns with a conversion rate > 5%. Campaign budgets will then be increased by 10% with a max budget of $10k, once a week Sunday midnight PST.    

Best Practices & Other Notes

Need some help getting started? Use one of our Rule Templates. Tried and proven by existing users.

Have questions about setting up budget-based Rules? Feel free to reach out to us at

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