Unpromote in AdStage:

Sometimes you may want to remove a Tweet from a campaign but you do not want to delete the Tweet and all its past data. 

What happens when I unpromote? 

When a Tweet is unpromoted it will stop receiving paid ad impressions but the Tweet and all it’s data will remain. Since this feature is only available in AdStage and not in Twitter’s interface we’ll review some of the changes you will see when you unpromote a Tweet.  

What does a unpromoted Tweet look like in AdStage?

In AdStage management tables the Tweet status will show as “deleted.” Don’t worry though!  Even though the status is deleted, the Tweet is only unpromoted, and will remain in AdStage and Twitter. All your metrics are preserved. 

Note: If you “delete” a Tweet from the AdStage management tables you are also “unpromoting” not actually deleting.  

AdStage Tables will show the Tweet as Deleted

Unpromote in Twitter:

In the Twitter Campaign Manager what does an unpromoted Tweet look like?


What does the Tweet look like in Twitter’s Creatives app?

In the Twitter Creatives App you can see a list of all your Tweets. In the case that you unpromoted a tweet, and it was a promoted tweet-only, Twitter will designate it as "currently unpromoted." This is a status given by Twitter. If the tweet is organic, there is no indication that is has been unpromoted.

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