How does it work?

When a flight starts (based on the selected date/time), your first step of selected campaigns, ad groups, or ads will be activated. 

Once the first step of ads meets the time condition, those will be paused* and the next step will be enabled (based on a selected date/time).

This continues until there are no more steps (ex: ads) in your flight.

*It's optional to have an end date for any flight. That said, you can have multiple flights active at one time. You are able to place an end date at any time while any step is currently in progress. 

What are some common ways to use Flighting?

(1) Lead customers towards a higher conversion rate - By leading your customers through a specific sequence of ads you can increase CTR and convert higher. Walk them through a marketing funnel from a brand awareness message (Step 1), product information stage (Step 2) and then have them convert or sign up (Step 3) with targeted CTA.

(2) Progressive Promotions - If you have a promotion with different percentages off per week you can flight your ads to show accurately and timely. Easily set your first week ( step 1 - 10% off), second week (Step 2 - 20% off), third week (Step 3 - 30% off)...etc.

How do I set up Flighting?

Navigate to Automate and select the Flighting task. 

Step 1: Choose what you want to Flight: campaigns, ad groups/sets, or ads.

Step 2: Select the network and the associated account, campaigns, ad groups/sets or ads to rotate. 

Step 3: Add any additional steps to your Flight. (There is a limit of 10 steps per Flight.)

Step 4: Set your Step criteria:  Start/ End Dates and Timezone
   Example: 1 Flight with 3 Steps which will rotate 1 week apart.

*Note* -  The first step has to be set at least one hour ahead in the future. If not, you will not be allowed to move forward to the fifth step.

Step 5:
Name your Flight, Add email addresses and Select your notification level

Best practices & notes

  • Overlap your Steps - To ensure that you always have a campaign, ad group or ad running at all times it's recommended that you overlap your step by an hour or two.
  • Run indefinitely -  If you would like for a step to run indefinitely, you can leave the end date "open", as your Flight continues. 
  • "Pending" status - This means your Flight has yet to run. It's probably scheduled for the future.
  • Flighting won't alter the status of your entities simply by creating the Flight (unlike Rotations). It will only follow the instructions of your start dates and end dates. Remember to have all of your entities paused if you want Flighting to turn on and off each Flight.

                                                    *Flighting Templates*

Need some help getting started? Find our most frequently used Flights to get you started. Click the link - Flighting Templates

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