LinkedIn Conversion Tracking is a tool that we made for AdStage before LinkedIn had a conversion tracking tool in their network. Now that conversion tracking is available on both platforms, you can create conversion goals in either. If you create in LinkedIn, AdStage will pull the goal in during your next data sync. In this article, we'll cover how to get LinkedIn Conversion Tracking set up in AdStage.

How does it work?

Setting up conversion tracking in AdStage is simple. First, make sure you've added your trackable websites, then create your conversion goal. Once you have this created, you'll get a snippet of code called an insight tag (or pixel) to paste into your website. 

Step 1:
Go to the Conversion Tracking app in the side panel in AdStage, then scroll down to the LinkedIn Ads: Conversion Actions section

Step 2: Click Add Trackable Websites, and add the sites you would like to track

  • All subdomains will be automatically captured as long as your high-level domain is added to your Trackable Websites

Step 3: Click Create Goal at the top right-hand corner of the screen and select LinkedIn in the dropdown. Next enter the fields and URL of the thank you page you're looking to track

Step 4: Add your existing campaigns (you can also add into new campaigns during creation in AdStage)

Step 5: Add your URL rule(s)

  • Enter the URL of the page on which you want the conversion to register. This is typically a thank you page. 
  • The "Exact Match" option includes everything after the '?', so it's best to use “Starts With” if you add UTMs or other parameters to your conversion page URL.

Step 6: Place the insight tag (LinkIn tracking code, or pixel) in your website. LinkedIn recommends on all pages right before the end of the <body> tag in the global footer.  This insight tag can only be used for 1 account.

Best Practices & Other Notes 

  • In AdStage you can disable a conversion action, but not delete. To delete an action fully, we suggest using LinkedIn directly.
  • For LinkedIn, the conversion look back window is 30 days and cannot be edited
  • Multiple conversions from the same user are de-duplicated using a 30 day window, meaning they are unique. This includes people who register on two different URL's in the same conversion action
  • Conversions between campaigns aren't de-duplicated.

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