• One option is to create multiple goals. Creating a new goal for each URL provides a more broken down reporting. A good rule of thumb is to create a new goal for a new objective. For example, signing up for a free trial and downloading white papers should be two separate goals.
  • Another option is to have multiple URLs roll up under one goal by either utilizing ‘Starts With’ or multiple URL Rules. To utilize Starts With, the URLs must have same structure, with different endings. For example, /whitepapers/1/ , /whitepapers/2/ , /whitepapers/3/. You could use the URL goal of adstage.io/whitepapers/ with Starts With selected to count the separate pages under one conversion goal. To use multiple URL Rules simply select ‘Add Rule’ below the URL Rules and add in the additional URLs. This method is best if the structure of the URLs don’t align.
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