Scheduling allows you to take specific actions on campaigns, ad set/groups, or keywords on certain days and times of the week.

The Benefit: Scheduling can save you lots of time and money. With a 'dayparting' schedule you can pick and choose exactly when to run your campaigns (in automation). Perhaps running your campaigns when they convert most to increase conversions or pausing your campaigns on the weekends to cut costs.

Your options include pause and daypart, as well as increase and decrease budgets and bids. You can schedule these actions for campaigns, ad set/group, ads, and keywords.

Creating a Schedule -

         Step 1: Select a Level entity
                  - Account, Campaign, Ad Group/Set, Ads, Keywords
         Step 2: Select a Network(s)
                  - Dive deeper into a Level entity (ex: select campaigns)
         Step 3: Action
                  - (ex: dayparting - Weekdays)
         Step 4: Schedule your task
         Step 5: Name the Alert & Add emails recipients
         Step 6: Launch ( or Preview)

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Task Templates

Task Templates are rules, alerts, and schedules that the AdStage team has pre-configured for your use. These are popular tasks that have proven to be effective and can be setup with just one-click. AdStage will continue to add additional prebuilt tasks and eventually open up a community generated of prebuilt tasks.

The Benefit: For those who are new to advertising, these popular tasks have been tried-and-proven by both the AdStage team and users with years of advertising experience. For those who want to quickly get started with Automate, each task can be setup with one-click. Lastly, for more experienced advertisers, Task Templates are fully editable. Making it easy for you to change parameters to fit your specific use case.

Where can you find them?  Recommended tasks can be found in any Automate task, as a pulldown, after hitting the "Create" button. 

Have a great recommend task in mind? We're always thinking and searching for new helpful recommended tasks to add to Automate. Feel free to reach out to us at  We'd love to hear from you! 

Step 7 - Best Practices & More...

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