Account Groups 

'Account Groups' is our ad account level organizational tool. This is a great way to group ad accounts (cross-network) into one organized place. When coupled with our visibility toggle, you are able to display all of the ad accounts that pertain to a certain client.

Designed for: Agencies or advertisers working with multiple clients

Benefits:  Easily keep your data organized in single-client views. Ensure that you won't trip over any unnecessary data, while making your client analysis more efficient.


'Folders' is our campaign level organizational tool. This tool allows you to group campaigns (cross-network) into different Folders. Once organized into folders, you are able to see your data clearly in a dashboard, filled with tables, graphs, charts...etc. 

Designed for: All advertisers from in-house to agencies.

Benefits: Objective focused dashboard visualization. Now that you have your data organized towards a single objective (Ex: Lead Gen., Form-Fills, Conversions) you can easily compare successful cross-network, campaigns, ads, keywords...etc. Then, quickly jump into any campaign to mimic positive performance. 

Step 4 - Report (Report Dashboard)

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